"He came at me with an axe that glowed with the fires of hell."
Orion to Abbie Mills about the Headless Horseman[src]

Death's Axe is the weapon wielded by the Headless Horseman. Death's Axe was given to him by Moloch via a Redcoat soldier. The broadax's blade can heat up to five-hundred degrees in order to cauterize the flesh of whomever it wounds.


The exact history of this weapon, including the time and location where it was forged, is unknown, but when Abraham Van Brunt became the Horseman of Death, it is given to him by a Hessian soldier.[1] He used it to deadly effect, either decapitating his victims or fatally injuring them, either on foot or on horseback.[2] Two-hundred-fifty years later, when the horseman was resurrected by Moloch, the weapon was seen again in his possession when he was at Fox Creek Stables with the murder of Sheriff August Corbin.[3]

It continued to be a part of his arsenal until it was destroyed by the Sword of Methuselah.[4] It was later reforged by the aid of demons and a ritual.[5]

After being released from Pandora's Box, Abraham Van Brunt appears in a much newer outfit with metal gloves and the appearance of the broadax was significantly altered to having two large blades on top and two smaller blades under the handle.[6]

It is revealed in Season 4 that the axe itself is the Totem of Death. It can draw power of the undead and use it to restore the Horseman's power if it is fatally injured in a supernatural sense. It was used to heal Abraham Van Brunt after he was injured by the magical effects of The Philosopher's Stone.


On-screen NotesEdit

  • It is likely that this weapon was buried with the horseman when he was entombed at the bottom of the river.
  • Death is shown to be able to reforge the blade or create an entirely new broadax from regular pieces of metal.[5]
  • Orion compared the blade's heat to the fires of Hell.[5]


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