Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States, and was responsible for building the Masonic Cell[1] as well as the Chamber of Secrets[2].


During the American Revolutionary War, Jefferson was friends with Continental Army Captain Ichabod Crane. However, during Jefferson's work on the Declaration of Independence, he unfriended Crane in order form him to find the 2nd witness. He then built the Fenestella in The Munition Tunnels below Sleepy Hollow that contained information on the two witnesses. Jefferson was also able to create a holographic version of himself using the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart magic to create a power source for the chamber.[2]

After the war, Jefferson became the 3rd president of the USA and then died on July 4, 1826.[2]

Season TwoEdit


Season Two
"This Is War" "The Kindred" "Root of All Evil" "Go Where I Send Thee..." "The Weeping Lady"
"And the Abyss Gazes Back" "Deliverance" "Heartless" "Mama" "Magnum Opus"
"The Akeda" "Paradise Lost" "Pittura Infamante" "Kali Yuga" "Spellcaster"
"What Lies Beneath" "Awakening" "Tempus Fugit"


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